Friday, February 29, 2008

Romanian Style Polenta * Mămăligă !!! Something that works best with Sarmale (lower)!!!!!

u must eat the sarmale with this ... its divine

You need : 1 qt. Water, 1-2 cups corn meal, 2 tsp. salt

And now : Boil water and salt in a pot. When water is boiling, gradually add corn meal while stirring the mixture with a whisk.
Stop adding corn meal when the mixture is considerably thick, though still liquid.
Continue to simmer for about 10-15 minutes, with caution since the mixture bubbles up and splatters hot polenta around.
Remove from the heat and serve with your favorite dish

Now the best Cabbage rolls * Sarmale

You need

1 large soured cabbage or one large cabbage and sour kraut*, 1 3/4 lb/750 g ground meat (mixture of pork and beef is recommended), 4 large onions, 2 tablespoons rice, 3 tablespoons lard, 5-6 tomatoes or 1 tablespoon tomato sauce, salt, pepper, 1 qt/1 l sour cream

Now ... get to work

Grind the meat with a raw onion. Place in a bowl and mix with rice, pepper, salt and finely chopped onion slightly fried in two tablespoons of lard. Mix everything well. Core the cabbage with a sharp thin knife. Carefully remove the cabbage leaves, one by one, so that they do not tear. Cut larger leaves in 2 or 3 and then place a little meat in
each cabbage piece and roll in. The smaller the rolls are, the tastier they are. Place a layer of rolls in the pan (take a deep one), then cover with a layer of chopped (julienned) cabbage, then a layer of thinly sliced tomatoes. Do this layering until all the rolls are made. The last layer must be tomato slices or add tomato sauce. Add a heaping tablespoon of lard, pour the borsh and let simmer on top of the range for 30 minutes. Then place in the oven so that the liquid is reduced. Serve with sour cream.


When soured cabbage is not available, use cabbage leaves scalded in water and sour kraut in stead of chopped (julienned) cabbage

Salata de boeuf

You need
4-5 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 parsley root, 1 parsnip (optional), 1 large celery root, a handful of green peas, 2 pickles, 1/2 lb/250 g poultry breast or beef sirloin, 300g mayo,1 tablespoon mustard, salt

The way its made
You get the best beef salad by boiling the vegetables with the meat (soup). Cube the potatoes and all other vegetables. The same goes for the meat and pickles. Place all in a bowl, add the peas and salt. In a separate bowl, mix mayo and mustard. Add 3/4 of the mayo mixture to the meat and vegetables and mix well. Arrange on a serving platter.
Smooth with a knife and then cover with the rest of the mayo mixture. Garnish with a few olives, hard boiled egg white, or egg slices, pickled red peppers, parsley, etc. Try to shape flowers, other designs.